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For Students

Learning environment inspires self-perfection

Creates a learning environment that:

  • Builds a foundation for life-long learning while providing freedom within limits
  • Develops confidence, creativity, critical thinking and individual responsibility
  • Uses established methodologies of individualized teaching and self-directed experience-based learning to meet the developing needs of each child
  • Recognizes each student’s uniqueness and develops each child’s ability to reach their full potential
  • Develops and implements a Montessori curriculum and Bulgarian educational standards based on clearly defined expectations for student learning.
  • Promotes active involvement of students in the learning process, including opportunities to explore application of higher-order thinking skills and investigate new approaches to applying their learning.
  • Gathers, analyzes, and uses data, research, and classroom observation in making curricular and instructional choices.
  • Designs and uses instructional strategies, innovations, and activities that are research and observation based, meet student needs, and reflect best practice.