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“Help to do it together. “

3 main components:

1. Physical environment: Educational environment for big work.

Who is the child between 6-12 years? What’s curious? What is its development? How adult reacts to its interest in the world?

Order, sense of community and social environment. Opportunities for cooperative learning, assumption of responsibilities.

2. Social, emotional, moral environment: Practicing “moral muscles“

Wisdom and Knowledge : curiosity, imagination, open-mindedness, creativity, opportunities. Courage and research: adventurousness , courage, enthusiasm, perseverance, patience, caution

Humanity: kindness, generosity, love, sharing, forgiveness, humility, self-control

Justice: justice, mercy and relief from negative, balance, leadership, intelligence

Organization: orderliness, logic, planning, diligence

Honors: gratitude, hope, optimism, humor, appreciation of beauty, simplicity

3. The prepared teacher: Strict, inspirational, fair

Attitude towards life, knowledge and children.

Training and self-development to assist the unfolding mind of the child.

Experience – the only people who can give us are children.

Short movie: First day of school