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Individualised learning

Curriculum planning at the elementary level considers that the student is entering a new plane of development characterized by tremendous imagination, critical thinking, critical questioning, a strong sense of morality and justice, and a strong need for peer relationships.

Strong academic skills

Individually-paced academic progress allows students to explore their interests and acquire the mastery of basic skills and knowledge, including basics such as: numeracy and math facts, spelling, vocabulary, grammar, sentence analysis, creative and expository writing, and using technology for research and communication.

Innovative learning environment

Learning environment offers activities that provide deeper educational experiences in the areas of: Mathematics (including Geometry and Algebra), Biological and Physical Sciences, Technology, Language Arts and Literature, History, Physical and Political World Geography, Civics, Entrepreneurship, Anthropology, Peace and Cosmic Education, and areas of Art, Music, World Languages, and Physical Education.

Students engagement

Students have opportunities to plan, monitor and assess their own work, thereby enhancing their independence and responsibility for their own actions. The learning environment is student-centered and designed to promote the development of organizational and time management skills, conflict resolution skills, concentration, independence, cooperation, and collaboration.

Collaborative community

Encourages the student’s spontaneous activity, provides community building and leadership opportunities appropriate to each level, allows for a balance of self-directed and collaborative teaching.