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Educational platform

The child is at the center of a unique and proven educational platform.

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In the core of the school day we are working in low ratio of students to teachers, allowing you to put the child at the center of the educational process and provide individualized training of each student.

Otkrivatel elementary students 

Take responsibility for their own education and in the process gain confidence, adaptability and based on personal and academic success: “I am independent in my community where we cooperate and we are interdependent”.

Focus in education

Global education 

languages, world understanding, culture, history, opportunities

Advanced curriculum 

multi-disciplinary way that promotes active learners, critical and creative thinking, languages and STEAM topics (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math)

Focus on child’s social and emotional life-long skills development

respect, collaboration, responsibility, time-management, independence, creativity

The program meets the higher international standards and Bulgarian educational requirements

The learning environment and curriculum are designed according the standards of AMI (Association Montessori Internationale) and approved by Ministry of Education and Science. The approach of the learning process meets Bulgarian educational programs by integrating the principles of Montessori education, like “let’s help to do it together”. License number: RD 14-19/ 01.06.2016